Getting this while building project for NetBeans 6.7 Beta:

Created dir: $HOME_DIR/Project/uibooth-eaccess/e-access/dist
/usr/lib is a directory or can't be read. Not copying the libraries.
Building jar: $HOME_DIR/Project/uibooth-eaccess/e-access/dist/e-access.jar
Not copying the libraries.

The problem is because I have made a custom library, java’s RXTX that have native library put in the


. I have put the path in one of the RXTX library in Netbeans configuration. It would runs in Netbeans but not with the manual way. The


will be generated without


and its content (all the necessary jars). Deleting the path would fix the job.

Hopefully Netbeans would includes better support for native library.