Yes, I don’t talk much about gossip. That’s why I don’t talk about Manohara. But, this is about a fact that a life of an innocent person is on the line and this is all about ethics, netiquette to be precisely.

The problem began with the spreading of a mail from a mother who felt of being deceived by the hospital. The mail itself were sent into a mailing list. For your information, mailing list is a group of people that exchange information via email. It means, you must be subscribed to be emailed by the mailing list system. This means, the membership of the group is totally private. Unfortunately, member of the mailing list then broadcast this message into another internet forum. Which in the end, inform the employee of the accused hospital.

Because of the accuse, the hospital use the new Internet Law (ITE) to brought Mrs. Prita into justice. They felt their name was poisoned by the accusation of hospital doing scam and it would held their reputation down. They do anything necessary to protect their name.

I am not very in depth with the law, but let’s use common sense here. If you, dear reader, have better argument, feel free to comment. The submit button is right there under the comment’s text box.

First of all, the court must consider Mrs. Prita intention of sending her mail. She wasn’t intend to broadcast it but to a group of known people just to get out of her rant. She wasn’t the one that made the letter public. The one that responsible for leaking the information is not her.

Second, her motivation is because of what happen back there. She felt like she was being deceived. How can you protested a hospital if it was doing such practice? It was just like trying to sue PLN when your hardware was broken because of sudden cutoff. This letter should be treated like sending to a media.

Of course, the problem also persist in the hospital side.

First, how can they defend themselves against such letter? The letter would bring disgrace to their name and made their reputation rock bottom. They would need the media to explain themselves which in the end costs a lot.

Secondly, how to defend themselves if the story wasn’t true? Internet is full of hoax, but people tend to trust it as a source of truth.

So, who should take the blame?

Well, why don’t we trace if the story was true. If it was another hoax, Mrs. Prita needs to take full responsible. Also, the person who broadcast the message needs to be captured. If it was true, this hospital really needs to reform themselves and apologize.

Another problem that made me sympathize to her is:

“How on earth can the law prove if all that Mrs. Prita evidence is only payment checks?”

Anyway, this is a good test of how well this nation have the comprehensive ability to understand IT and the Internet. Let’s watch and see.