I was frustrated with KDE4. It was just because I didn’t have any luck on converting all of my apps to Qt 4.x only. All of the KDE4 are awesome: KMail, Yakuake, plasma and stuff, and the sensible run command window. The thing that strucked me down was the fact that I couldn’t use Kopete to connect via proxy. Yeah, the only sole big hole is  that I couldn’t chat. So, I had to give up and installed Pidgin.

Because of that, I was tempted on using LXDE on my PC. It was described as the low resource desktop manager based on GTK2 only. Unfortunately, I was unable to run LXDE with compiz, maybe it needed a tinkering which I was lazy at that time. So, I went to GNOME. Yeah, the plain old GNOME! Uhm, the 2.26 is not old but still with no alpha blending, 3D effects, nor any bling-bling that put your friend’s jaw; just a plain ol’ desktop manager. That’s my default desktop manager now.

The surprised thing about my current desktop manager is that it extremely fast and responsive. It can runs Netbeans 6.7 Beta, Opera, Epiphany with many tabs, Tilda, and active Rhytmnbox but still can rip my CDs with 8 minutes per CD without any glitches! Wow!

I’m using old Pentium D, 2 GB memory, good ol’ ATi x550, 40 GB SEAGATE SCSI UltraWide160. Please note that I don’t mean to advertise, but that’s what I can have in the office through stealing scavenging recycling some servers parts. 🙂 Ahem cough, back to topic, with those ingredients, my computer became an average joe PC when running KDE4. Yes, it was fast, but not blazing fast. It was very attractive and responsive, yet not that fast. If I can describe the differences, it was like comparing when I’m running Windoze 98 and running Windoze XP on my good ‘ol PC.

What is interesting here is new technology comes with more and more CPU clock requirement. If I recall about game programming, there was a time where sprites of a character in a game counts. Now, you can see  a game in one BlueRay with fancy graphics and stuff.

Yes, we evolve as the hardware evolve, including the demands. But, does the evolving ways of computing right now is necessary? Do we need those eyecandy? The basic functionality is the same. The job in M$ Office 1997 is the same as well in M$ Office 2007, only making bold/italic, alignment, and header/footer stuff. But, why some of us put the trouble to upgrade into the latest software just to achieve what the good ol’ software already did?

Other than gaming, is there a need of an average joe/jane to upgrade his/her PC?