Whew, It’s been so long since I made non techie post. So, I’m putting a light post just for blabbing.

After the protest, one of them is a blog post by Pak Ibam, the “wasteland” is now officially closed. There is a positive thing that I, as an individual who works at this university, can be proud of. That is the expression to talk. Universitas Indonesia has proven itself as one of the university of academics.

What is academic means? We stay objective by including rational thinking and not emotional. By being academic means we open for questions, even it means attacking the very foundation of our strong dogma.

It’s not easy, be it an individual or organization, to accept rationality. In Indonesia, it made worse with the traditional belief based on faith, tradition, and popular opinion. These three in occasion is playing very hard making positive arguments void. Because of that, we see how the DPR can be chosen by random people signing for one at random location. We also can see how prejudice can blind one’s faith and action. We always see black and white without gradation causing us toyed by perplexing truth. In the end, these make us never learn.

Anyway, the road is better now. I can inhale there.

Talking about general election 2009, I think the winner is clear. Whew, this is so boring! No competition nor whatsoever. SBY will win it for sure. I’m not talking nonsense and fyi, I don’t vote for him at 2004. But, there are things that made the other competitors failed. The two competitors have serious issues.


They have the grassroots and they have the public interest as program. BUT, they have a BIG serious issue that they need to resolve:

“Mei 1998 Tragedy”

Prabowo must explain to general public about the incident and how he would not related to it. If not, it would be a serious problem.


From what I’ve seen, this duo only depending on the popularity of JK. Also, Wiranto have some issues with East Timor case.

Anyway, don’t trust my prediction. This is only my 2 cents.