If you have wondered about my {facebook,YM!,GMAIL} status, here’re some flash.  There is a crucial matter concerning Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK/Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi) that’ve been disrupting the work of that commission. KPK had and always done splendid jobs at keeping this country’s trust, but with the incident of murder case of Nasruddin which involve Antasari, the head of KPK, jeopardizing its existence. This matter is really making Indonesia on the test in the eye of  not just international society but even in the eye of its people.

I don’t care about Antasari as I don’t even believe in Ustad/Vendetta/Pastors/etc. As long as the person is human, the person is prone to error. He may/may not part of the murder case and I trust the legal court to decide. BUT, it does matter to me when it’s part of the conspiracy to put down KPK.

The 3rd Commission of DPR suggests that KPK is now crippled and every decision they made is ill-found.


After they f*ck up badly on the existence of Special Corruption Court (Pengadilan Tipikor/Pengadilan Tindak Pidana Korupsi) Law with lingering and not legalizing its own law, now they want to screw KPK?

If you read all of national online media, you could see how the readers reacted to the story. I’ve never found anything like that. Whenever a public figure falls down, the readers always comment negatively about the person. They even put vulgar/bad words on them. But, look at how people try to defend KPK/Antasari. How they want to see a clear road of this case.

Usually, people don’t mind and feels like it’s only a lame entertainment of the media showed to us. But, this time is  all about the legitimation of people’s hope. Hope for a better nation, better administrative, and for better future. KPK had given so much of that hope. Their track record really amazed us and how they can keep with it and trying by extending their case level per level so that everyone will not get away.

Their way of proving cases is so determined and without proper evidence they would never go with the case.  But, because of their careful doing, they have successful hit rate per case. Additionally, their good works also because of the existence of Special Corruption Court that consists of enough good people ensuring the case is not getting away easily.

I don’t feels like to put any reference. This is suppose to be a rant. I trusted this country and DPR sucking my nationalism by passing Pornographic Law. But, what KPK gives me is the hope that this country still fixable.

Do you know how I feel now?

I wish I didn’t vote at 2004 and wish 2009 I didn’t vote. Unfortunately, I vote! :((

Oh my God, I have voted criminals that jeopardizing this country.  Please forgive me, Lord, because I voted at 2004 and 2009.

pissed 😡