Debian is moving from GLIBC (GNU C Library) into EGLIBC (Embedded GNU C Library). [AUR] For you the fainted heart, let me explain what is this means: GNU/Linux Debian distro will make all of their packages compiled against EGLIB. This is big, thus, it may introduce binary incompatibilities. Are they/we ready for the concequences?

What’s behind this? Well, implied from [AUR], the main cause is because the one of the maintainer of GLIBC is an arrogant being. I guess coding in years and become fame do makes people like that — especially technical people that being trained to do reasoning with code not with human. With that unfriendly attitude that brought down talents and good karmas, many projects looses people. This is because FOSS projects is a contribution project and people can bring whatever they wish. BUT, Debian is a BIG project that affects other projects and this also, IMHO, will make social impact too to FOSS community as a whole.

On the light note, as noted by commenter on [AUR], every distros out there already using heavily patched GLIBC version. Noone use the vanilla. Nevertheless, moving from GLIBC to EGLIBC is not like moving X11 from XFree86 to Xorg. We are talking about the basic library to make everything functional here. So, we may see our mission critical code runs correctly against it.

The day of using EGLIBC is yet to come, so don’t worry about it now. Even if the day comes, the non-techie user will not even feels it, hopefully…