The world is an example of imperfect. Everything differ from each other. But, the worst part of it is the people whom taking profit out of people misery.

Let’s talk about spammer. There are times where people would scam as some random people very rich, so rich that the person/bot needs random people on the Net to transfer his/her account. In many times, they would just advertise sex pills or porn. But what concern me these past few days, they would take another into another level: scamming mails with religious content. This is very discerning!

I know that some of us choose not to have any religious belief and I respect that. Most of them are well educated and took a liberty in thinking that believing on some legends is nonsense. I understand, it is hard to believe on something that’s paradox. I mean, look all the religion in this world, they would bring nothing but destructions under something unproven that they call God; believing in mysticism without ever seeing one is also unacceptable.

It’s fine and I took that into account. That too also a religion, a belief that God is a void. Just like the latin word it comes from, “religere”, a religion is a community of order. God just an ingredient to keep the order and you would took off that ingredient to formulate a better one.


as a part of world community where other religions exists too, can’t you have tolerance towards us? Why you would take someone else’s faith and make it as a scam to threat Internet community? They say that religion based on deity such as Christianity, Islam, etc is a faith-based that ruthlessly voiding other. Guess what? We too learn to have tolerance, so why can’t you also?

Oh, speaking of ethics, did you know that we have ethics? We even have an RFC that rules about ethics on Internet (netiquette). Unfortunately, with the grow of Internet, especially in gaming, people would step out and took off that netiquette. Nowadays I would see people mailing with abusing symbol. Took me sometimes to accept it as a way to talk because it got me mad when first time receive such. The gsame community such as Ragnarok endorse it. Webmails like Yahoo! and GMail also endorse that. The infamous worm/virus/trojan-friendly mail client Outlook also endorse it. So, I guess the RFC is obsolete now, isn’t it?

Thinking of abuser, how should we deal with mail abuser?

Some faculty have their own mail server(s). Some of them have great admin, greater than me at least. To them, I’m trusting them. But, recent spam breakthroughs indicate that some of them not doing it well. You see, maintaining mail server is not a day or two works. Heck, we even still learning new ways and techniques to provide better user experience. But, they seems neglecting those job. To the kind of them, what should we do?

Normally in other realms, such abusive use would made them cut off, banned from the rest of the net.  We can do that, but what about the users? What about the user satisfaction that we strive to deliver?

Speaking of user satisfaction, my friends are all developing new Webmail. Kudos to Mr. A and friends that made this far. We used to be joking about who would have win the user, Horde’s IMP or SquirrelMail. Took me sometimes to take the defeat and accept the Squirremail as the current winner. But, you just wait, I’ll be back! [read with Arnold’s tone]

The problem now is about the compability in contact list that provided by IMP. I think they are working out hard to import them into Squirrelmail. Meanwhile, I think we, IMP user, just have to have patient.

Moving from old infrastucture to a new infrastucture is not an easy job. With the growth of userbase and the use of Hotspot that enables more connections, we have to make a leap. This leap is needed to cope all our university needs. Unfortunately, that leap is not an evolution but a revolution, everything (including the server and the architecture) is being rebuilt from scratch. Maybe some of us take the hiccup and some of us may felt cumbered. I, from what I see, think that we are progressing well and the direction of making mails easily maintainable and accessed is better. If you take notice, Webmail are faster now and our 200 MB per user quota is an achievement of email storage. (Remember, we used to have 40 MB per user)