Joolean made a post about my current theme. [1] It is obviously not user friendly, especially when the buttons don’t show up. It gives the impression that I have a comment placeholder with no way to submit.

Is it a bug? It is definitely not a bug. The buttons are there, although they seems invincible. It is not a visual bug, but a feature.

First of all, a blog is an expresion of a person or some group of people presented in a time line fashion just like a journal or a diary. Of course, blog just like other site content is publicly available as a reading to other which make it differ from a diary. It is (usually) intended to help people sharing their ideas to other people and expect inputs from it. There is also niche of people that made blog as their thinking repository only, thus making it private and no comment. Fortunately, I intended to use my blog as a tool for sharing idea.

What is my expectation of my reader?

From the result of comment statistics so far, I found out that there are three type of audience that share their comments:

  • My friends.

  • Passing by people

  • Spammer

The first one is obviously will give comments without hesitation because they have a connection with me. I’m subscribed on Planet CSUI02 aggregation site. They would obviously follow my posts. The passer-by people would not comment so much about my site. Lastly, the spammer giving their comments within whatsoever topic with unrelated topic.

Why would the passer-by and any common people would failed to see my blog? If you’ve read my post, especially the last entry of my blog right before this one, you would see what type of people that can understand the language. Yes, the reader need at least some background for the person to understand the topic.

For instance, I would refer GNU/Linux Debian operating system as Debian without proper explanation of what it is. I would written the article about my politic opinion without explaining deeply of what was happening back there. It would not bother me if the reader wasn’t understand at all. All in all, in my expectation, the target audience are people with proper knowledge to read the entries or people that eagerly seeks for knowledge. The kind of people that would understand where  the submit button is.

There are philosophical things about the button.

I am using GNU/Linux as an operating system. Currently as the time of writing, I’m using GNU/Linux Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 pre-release. There is this thing of bug where people thinks that the web belong to GUI only and starting to compromise their design to look better only in certain platform. This is a step back from the basic idea of HTML/WWW as an open standard: to have a way to have consistent look in every platform.

For instance, take a look of the way people making their CSS nowadays. CSS is a good thing to begin with. People playing with CSS to make the idea works. They would stylizing anything so it would look good. But, take a look at this:

Not very visible in dark theme

Luckily, I don’t use a very dark theme like I used to. On the old days, I would just guessing what I have typed, blocking it so often just to see what was written. This is because of the false assumption of people. They would assumed that every platform in this planet would use white as default background and black as the default foreground. I found worse than this one that stylizing the input form with yellow and leave the font color as is.

I’m using the computer for hours and dark theme soothing my eyes and generating less power than the usual. My desktop looks cool than that of the other people. The theme and the wallpaper be a good combo for a remedy from my work. It really soothing to have the sexy desktop.

Why would I change my whole desktop theme so that I can comment on particular site?

Not all users using olive, silver, and blue theme. There exists people whom live with black themes and themes that have low contrast between foreground and background color just like what I’m using right now. So, why not completely CSS-ing whole part of your site or just relaxing some part and give user’s platform to render it consistently (readable at least)?

Oh, another about the button, is because I’m using KDE 4.2 recently. If you view my site [2] with Konqueror and press [CTRL] button, you would see this:

Hovering Keyboard Shortcuts

There you would see the [S] button as the shortcut to submit your comment. (Kinda like easter egg?  😎 )

Another philosophical thing that made me choose the theme:

There is more than meets the eye