For everyone who congratulate me, I thank you all. I’m sorry that I don’t have the kind of respond for somebody that have a birthday. There are two reasons why:

1 I totally forgot about it.

You see, I was (and still) poisoined with the game The Last Remnant. I didn’t go to home on Sunday but straightly went to the playground and stayed there all the time. I was into a quest that made me…. Oh, well, you got the point. 😛

2a There is a sensitive subject that I hate to reminiscence

No, this is not actually one of the reason. But, it still shed me a tear. It was because few days ago a reunion with an old friend made me load the memory back into the main RAM.

2b I’m accepted as student in here

No, this is also not the actuall reason. The high admission fee will not made me trying to hide to not and besides I can go for scholarship or something like that. No, I will not flag it on BP nor inject some entries in SIAKng. 😆

Thus, it’s only the #1 is valid. Q.E.D.

Anyway, how did I remember?

Hmm… my mother phoned me in the Monday morning with angered voice and asked me why didn’t I go home. Could it be that they would threw a little party (surprised one, perhaps)? I dunno, my family is not the type of celebrating anything. So, I guess it was because they would… ups…

On the second note, I’m celebrating my desktop for running stable with kernel 2.6.29. Yay! Still, I miss the -ck patchset. I think I would like to try Ext4 or BTRFS.

Oh, well, today we just implement DKIM and it’s running for testing. So far so good. Yay!

Hear these words, my friend. Every breath that we take and every lasted will that comes in the end of the day, they are the one that should be celebrated. You would never knew what day would be it be the day when you finally alive.