Every time ignorant comes in, I can only go like sigh. We had a blackout 2 days ago because of the AC on the server room was going berserk and releasing heat. FYI, normal human would only lasted 15 minutes there in the good ol’ day, but I could feel the warmth of the room and felt very comfortable.

Heck, if I feel good, that means it is bad!

They don’t felt like want to fix that right away and felt like want to postpone it into Monday, this day. Fortunately, my boss really is a good boss, so he insists on fixing on the matter fast. Yay! Go, Boss!


You see, there are machines there that one of them can buy you an X-Trail and they are temperature sensitive. There are also machines that also connected to another secure machine outside. There are machines that holds students data, staff payrolls, and emails. Oh, wait, is that the router that connect some universities? Yeah, seems not important… :((


How about me? Luckily, I’m home. But, my poor comrades and my boss, they got lost on their weekend just to fix that matter. Oh, well, life goes on! C’est la vie!

Well, this day I can barely about 1 minutes just in that room. Good!  🙂

Hmm… this isn’t blogspot, so I think I should restraint my rant (should I? :P). Okay, I should stop here before people think. 😛