1. Never set username = password! Never share your password!
  2. Don’t forget to logout!
  3. Avoid using HTTP, use HTTPS instead if you have to input password.
  4. Admin never ask for password! We have your home and can access it directly! Nevertheless, our code of conduct forbid us to do so.
  5. Don’t use acai pills, viagra, or anything else! Embrace your own manhood!
  6. There is no such thing as free lunch! No prince/embassy/high people that would asks you for help in transferring their money. Heck! Even mobs have backup account in Swiss. Furthermore, would you delegate your treasury to someone barely alien?
  7. Use Thunderbird, not Outlook. Use Firefox not IE.
  8. Watch the domain name.

Your recklessness is a torturing way for admin! Would you care for admins that have to go to the server site just to reset the server and protect against one hole, you, in a Sunday late night while you clubbing?

We admins have souls too, you know. Please spare our poor restless soul.