Few weeks ago I screwed my computer by installing Xorg from Debian Experimental. My computer became unusable because the new Xorg feed on evdev (event-based driver or non-geek speaking: it hears a signal generated by the computer and acts based on the given input). The real deal is, you can just plug your PS/2 keyboard and/or mice without ever restarting again. The real pain is, at that time Debian wasn’t ready for auto-configuration. Btw, it also uninstall my synaptic and aptitude. Heck, that’s a lesson about what is being experimental all about.  😕

So, I downgraded my system to Unstable (yeah, yeah, still a non-stable version, but, hey, bleeding edge is cool).  Lucky! I haven’t restart my computer in about a week. Yay, stable! Here’s my current uptime

10:10:07 up 10 days, 23:26, 2 users, load average: 0.31, 0.40, 0.56

Fascinating isn’t it? What’s more, I upgraded my KDE from 4.1 to 4.2 (using Qt 4.5) and got to say kudos to all the developers! I even managed to run Opera 10 Alpha version. Of course, I didn’t forget about gtk-qt which made my GTK apps using my KDE4 theme. Plus, the unbeatable awesomeness of Amarok 2.

To sum all, I say KDE 4.2 is the real KDE4 ready for anyone. Boys and girls, get it while it hot!

Here are the screenshots snapshots:

Snapshot 1Snapshot 2 Snapshot 3Snapshot 4

Here’s the legend from left to right:

1: My desktop with all apps using one theme (Qt+GTK all using Qt theme)

2: My Application selector using carousel-like model.

3: My Amarok 2 using Album widget + Fuzzy playlist generator + Last.FM plugin = GG!

4: My development environment: eclipse + Yakuake featuring Run dialog with “Search As You Type” feature.