September 11, 2022

My 2022 Publications

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I’d like to promote a couple of my papers, published in 2022. I aim for a full professorship at my current institution. Currently, I am an assistant professor, and the tenure track journey requires me to write and publish routinely. Not only that, the papers I publish need to have a high impact measured by the number of citations. So, post-publication promotion of the papers is necessary, and I plan to summarize my papers in my blog annually to promote them.

My first paper in 2022

My first paper in 2022, titled “A deeper understanding of student preferences for in-class video use: a segmentation analyses of needs, group differences and preference clusters”, was co-authored with my supervisor and published in Education+Training [Q1]. DOI: 10.1108/et-02-2021-0045. You can check it here also:

My second paper in 2022

My second paper in 2022 was co-authored with my student, Ajeng. The paper is titled “Quick Response Indonesian Standard (QRIS): Does Government Support Contribute to Cashless Payment System Long-term Adoption?” and published in the Journal of Marketing Innovation (JMI). DOI: 10.35313/jmi.v2i1.29. You can check the paper here also:

My third paper in 2022

My third paper in 2022 was developed from the quantitative part of my doctoral thesis. It was co-authored with my supervisor, Prof Frank Alpert, titled “Perceived aggressive monetization: why some mobile gamers won’t spend any money on in-app purchases” and published in Electronic Commerce Research [Q1]. DOI: 10.1007/s10660-022-09603-2. You can check the free read-only access here:

My fourth paper in 2022 was co-authored with my student, Adrian. The paper is titled “Hey Google: Does Environmental Beliefs and Perceived Privacy Risk Influence Potential User’s Intention to Use a Smart Home System in Indonesia?” published in Smart City. You can check the paper here:

That is all for now. I will update this blog post later if I have more papers published in 2022.

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