I am a computer systems enthusiast with interests in clouds and distributed systems. I’ve got my PhD on workflow systems, cloud scheduling, and resource management.

Currently, I am working with undergraduate and master students on real-time streaming system and analytics based on various approaches including publish/subscribe kafka messaging system, peer-to-peer real-time communication protocols, and fog computing architecture.

I always open to the project, teaching, and research collaboration opportunities. Drop me the message if you have any interest in what I am working.

Email : muhammad.hilman (at) ui.ac.id

Current Teaching Course (Universitas Indonesia)

  • CSCM603154 Computer Networks
  • CSGE601021 Foundation of Programming 2 (Java OOP)
  • CSGE604154 Distributed Systems


  • PhD, Computer Science, University of Melbourne (2016-2020)
  • MSc, Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia (2010-2012)
  • BSc, Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia (2006-2010)


  • LPDP PhD Scholarship, Awarded 2015-2019
  • Google PhD Travel Scholarship, Awarded 2018
  • Pearson William Tewksbury Scholarship, Awarded 2018
  • I-MHERE MSc Scholarship, Awarded 2010-2011

Past Teaching Courses (Universitas Indonesia)

  • CSCE604129 Parallel Programming
  • CSCE604179 Mobile Technology
  • CSIM603154 Communication and Data Networks
  • CSGE602022 Web Design & Programming
  • CSGE602055 Operating Systems
  • CSGE602091 Research Methodology and Scientific Writing
  • CSIE604224 Open Source Software Development
  • CSIM601251 Foundation of Computer Architecture

Past Tutoring Courses (University of Melbourne)

  • COMP30023 Computer Systems
  • COMP90020 Distributed Algorithms
  • SWEN90007 Software Design & Architecture