Virtual Field Trip: Structural Geology Class (Cipamingkis River)

Covid-19 has impacted the teaching activities in the university, including the field trip. It is unfortunate that we can’t bring students to get the feel of true geological works at this difficult moment.

Fortunately, we can use the 3D digital outcrop models to replace the structural geology field trip. The models enable students to observe virtual outcrops from different angles.

We in Universitas Indonesia use 3D digital outcrop models and other digital media to replace the conventional field trip for Structural Geology class. You can use the 3D models and other media for your class as well. Below you can find media that I use for structural geology virtual field trip, consisted of:

  • Field trip module
  • Explanation video
  • Photospheres
  • 360 video (or spherical video)
  • Drone video (oblique view)
  • Aerial photograph (orthomap)
  • Geological map
  • 3D outcrop models

The actual field trip location can be seen in the map below.

Field Trip Module

Download the field trip module (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Explanation Video

Please watch the video directly in Youtube to see the video chapters


Download the photospheres in here

Download FSPViewer (Photosphere viewer) here

360 Video

Please watch the video directly in Youtube to see the video chapters

Drone video

Please watch the video directly in Youtube to see the video chapters

Aerial Map & Geological Map

Download aerial map

Download geological map

3D Outcrop Models

Please visit the sketchfab collection above to see the 3D Outcrop Model

View the 3D Outcrop Models of each stop sites in this Skecthfab Collection


Big thanks for pak Iskandar and pak Septyandy that provide the 360 cam for this work. Big kudos for all teaching assistants/TA for structural geology class who support the creation of this field trip. Unfortunately, not all of the TA can join the fieldwork.

Only four out of twenty TA, and no student in the field
Dwiky and Emir as drone pilot and co-pilot
Andrea and Desi as field geologists

And thank you for reading this article. I hope we can bring the students back to the field again in the near future.

Cipamingkis structural geology field trip before Covid-19

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