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Neoliberalism and the Sane Society

March 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

Tell us about the rationality of your globalization if in insanity11.jpg gaining the world-class statuses a society must loses its own soul, selling and surrendering nearly everything to the global market forces. Teach us about the sanity of your market fundamentalism if in fact it drives people crazy — last week alone it forced a mother to sell her kids only to meet family basic necessities, and another mother to kill her son and daughter because she could not figure out how to feed them all. Speak to us about the human face of your sacred market, if last week a mother and son died of malnutrition. Teach us about rationality if there are homeless in the midst of over supply in your real estate industry. Teach us about harmony if to build fancy malls you paid thugs to flushed those homeless out of their cardboard shelters. Speak to us about your morality if in helping a dying poor kid you ask  first who is gonna pay for the bills . . . teach us about equality and solidarity if your developments have nothing to do with us. Then teach us about the sane society if the one that you manage has everything in its markets but rationality , harmony, solidarity and equality.

Finally, give your reason why we should agree to unite within a single political entity.

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