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Neoliberalism and Plastic Surgery

March 7th, 2008 · 3 Comments

feb20062006-03-02.JPGTo look beautiful is a neoliberalism moral duty

Girls, go get plastic surgery for your breast, your nose, your tummy, and your ass!. You may find and would surprise that paying for plastic surgery by women, to improve employability is a typical neoliberal phenomenon. The reason is, women too exist for the market, and they shall also compete each other. Neoliberalism thus see competitiveness — or specifically employability, for women and those who do not own capital — is their moral duty. They have a moral duty to arrange their lives to maximize their advantage on the labor market. A psychologist who advises surgeons at a hospital in Cheshire, England, said ” I have seen women coming for plastic surgery who work in television, and they say they have to have the surgery or they won’t get the work . . . “(source: Guardian: “Parents defend breast implants for girl, 15”).

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