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Neoliberalism and Never-ending Disasters

March 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Is there any direct relation between neoliberalism and “natural” disaster? Yes there is.

Protection, and reconstruction of the natural environment have no role in neoliberal capital accumulation programs(within the never-ending circuit of money – floods-03commodities – more money) ; they are not valued in market, and they demand extensive government intervention in the market operations , which is run against the main prescription of neoliberalism. Consequently, in the absence of strong public pressures, environmental protection and reconstruction programs, or environmentally-friendly economic regulations, would all be significantly constrained. To make matter worst, for many government bureaucrats and parliament members, the authority to make decision, to regulate, and to execute public policies, all are treated, as their commodities, to be sold in the market for their own personal pofits.

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