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Neoliberalism and Apartheid Economy

March 5th, 2008 · No Comments

the invicible. . . because we — the market winners and worshipers — are too far high in a five-star neoliberalism dreamland. While we are chasing our own version of American Dream, joining the bandwagon of globalization, and pursuing our place in a world-class community, we are in fact moving toward — what Richard Freeman puts in — an “apartheid economy” . While we are championing the instrumental rationality of market fundamentalism, more and more portion of Indonesian population has been progressively excluded from the benefits of markets, marginalized from the never-ending circuit of money-commodities-more money, doomed to become the pariah of our fast-moving economy, This portion of population has been treated as sub-human, the “negros” in our “world-class” aiming economy. Their kids have been separated from the kids in the world of “world class schools and universities” , they have been denied the rights for descent and civilized public health, public transportation, public schools. They even have been forbiden from wanderng into our “world-class” shopping malls and hotels.
For the Americanized rich who always in need of more space for luxurious housing, convenience traffic, and picturesque American-style urban sceneries, they have been evicted from the sidewalks and makeshifts housings. For the sake to create a better investment climate, their demands for better wages and welfare benefits have to be supressed, and silenced by labeling them as the ghost of the long-gone communism . Indeed, the sacred invicible hand of the market have made the “unmarketable poor” of Indonesia invicible.

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