Llibrarian is an expert, are you…?

My first week of PIPIL 2010

Hi librarians…:)

As you know, I’m attending the Professional Internship Programme for International Librarians (PIPIL) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. PIPIL is the one of annual NTU library programme. This year, PIPIL addressed to AUNILO members only (AUNILO: Asian University Network Inter Library Online). Please noted, that Universitas Indonesia is the one of AUNILO members. So, last May I apply to be an interns of the PIPIL 2010 (of course, after got approved from big boss of UI library…hehehe). On July I asked NTU to send invitation letter to UI’s Rector to send me to NTU. As I supposed, Rector approved…*hihihi…geer.com*, even I’ll get the problem with funding…*as usual…:(*

On last Sunday, 04 Oct 2010 I arrived at Singapore at 09.05 a.m (Singapore time). Ms. Yap-Kwok It Land, one of NTU librarian fetching me and another interns from Malaysia (Mr. Azrizal Ismail) at the Changi airport. We went to NTU by taxi with female driver, Ku Lee Fong (she looks like Shaakira lho…), and Whitney Houstan’s song while the trip…:) For me, this is my third visit to NTU, after AUNILO first meeting on 2004 and CONSAL event at Manila on 2006. But, I still lost the route…:)

I got my room at Hall 11 block 54, 2nd level, room 1904. You know, that room is very big (like apartment) and I can’t believe that I will stay there for a month, and… lonely! There are two bedroom with bathroom inside, pantry, dining table, television (32 inch), a very big refrigerator, washing machine, and microwave. Wow! Everything that family need!

A whole day, I spent my time in my room: cleaning the room, put in order everything I brought from Jakarta, and take a rest. You know, when I open up my suitcase, I was very surprise with my supplies: laptop, dictionary and conversation books *hihihihi…:)*, clothes (30 pieces), long pants (6 pieces), leggings (3 pieces), shoes (3 sets), a little thermos bottle, mug, spoon and fork, tupperware bowl, powdered soybean milk (2 kg), herbal food (3 bottles), wheat flour biscuit (4 packs), oatmeal (2 packs), equipment bathe for a month, coffee (30 sachets), and many kinds of oil and balsam/cream..hihihi (oil of olay, cajuput oil, telon oil, tawon oil, medicated oil, olive oil, ovale oil for face, ellips oil for hair, neorheumacyl balsam, counterpain balsam, ‘cap elang’ balsam, Pi Kang Shuang cream *for boil*). I really.. really a good woman and Mom, isn’t it?…:))


On tuesday, Oct’ 05 2010, all interns joint with 100 up NTU’s librarians at Chinese Heritage Center for an unusual meeting. At that time, we introduced ourself to them and say hello. I met the others interns there, i.e.: Ms. Nongnuch Kanjanarujee (Chulalongkorn University); Ms. Ausanee Pengtieng (Mahidol University); Ms. Ani Yusof (University Sains Malaysia Knowledge Information Centre); Mr. Hilario Serviano Balderas, Junior (Ateneo de Manila University Professional School Library); Mr. Azrizal Ismail (University of Malaya): and Ms. Hajah Dayang Anis Farhana Binti Haji Awang Damit (Universiti Brunei Darussalam). The last one, Ms. Anis make me so happy, because we have been met at Hanoi at Dec, 2007 and feel like old friend.

At the meeting, Isabella Trahn (Deputy University Librarian) present the newest internal survey about statisfaction of library services and administration services of NTU. The result of survey was very interesting to reflect library performance as a unit information services. After Isabella’s presentation, Mr. Choy (head of NTU’s library) asked all librarian to discuss the result of survey. They separated on the 5 (or 6?) groups and we (interns) can joint with any group. Group distribution based of professional librarian and professional staff. *In UI’s library, group distribution usually based of division…:)* Group discussion went on 15 minutes, and after that, each group present their discussion result in a few minutes. Some comments, suggestions, and wishes came from all group and often make the meeting participants (including us) roaring laugh…:) They didn’t always talk seriously, but just a little comment like wish have uniform with NTU’s colour and eyecatching name tag…:)

After the meeting we got broad overview of living in Singapore, academic library work (including the places of interest at NTU…*I mean: canteen…hihihi. NTU have 13 canteens with many various menu*), office orientation, library organization & staffing, and… NTU account for free email and access to the internet while the programme…:)

At this first week, we got much informations and knowledge related to library organisation, i.e.: library promotion services, quality management (I think this is the one important thing we have to implement at UI as soon as possible), budget preparation & management, library technology & systems, copyright issues for the library, and visit to Republic Polytechnic Library (RPL) at Woodlands. We had welcome lunch at Bali Thai Halal Restaurant too. Oh, guys! That lunch was unforgotable…:)

All session had running well in this week, and I have few important things to noted:

First: you have angement of university, not just library.

Second: there are changes in roles of libraries:

– in a past the library has everything, now the content is out of the library. The problem is how we make the users come to library. (OCLC study: only 1% users start search from a library web site).

– in a past, users come to the library for get the document, now the library must go to users to give the document. Users don’t need the library, not need to see librarian. They just need the document.

– the one focus of library today is how the document can help the user, not just to give the document to users.

Third: librarianship is the preservation and transfer of knowledge.

Fourth: everything librarian do must have positif impact to students or users.


Besides the four things, below are few interesting things that NTU library done which (maybe) different of UI’s library:

NTU have instructional services programme. They didn’t use the information literacy programme term because the term is so ideal while they just give the users instructional services. That’s it! *hmmm…. should we do examine our IL programme at UI? Up to you, friends…:)*

NTU’s librarian have to do personal librarian to all student. Librarian sent email to every freshman. Example: “Hi, Tanaka. I’m your librarian. Please ask me if you get problem..” *so nice…must do it friends..:)*

The key message to user: the libray is a powerful tool. Every staff have understand it. *It is a MUST!*

NTU library have a strong commitment related to books procurement: every book have some users. Everybook have reader. *Wow! Is it possible in Indonesia? Librarian still fight with government role, particular with books prohibiting, and the sadden thing of Indonesian librarian is… we don’t have bargaining position to do it and…demeanor…:(*

NTU librarian always try to make librarian visible. User must say: ”Oh! That’s my subject librarian” *cool….:)*

Teaching in library is different with teaching in school. That’s why, don’t talk about theory…hahaha *remember our IL class, friends…:)*

NTU have no much rules, coz more rules make more complaint and less respect…hihihi *Agree!But… on going process deh…:)*

They have teamsite. All communication with staff (including meeting invitation) apload at the site. *We have too, but..it doesn’t work…:(*

Head of library have to meet every staff in every year. Mr Choy said that they restaurants do it everyday…:) *Wonderful! Must tell our boss, friends…:)*

Every professional librarian must attend seminar/training/workshop or conggress in England, Amerika, Australia, twice in one year at least! NTU responsible of full funding! *ck..ck..ck… twice guys! Twice! To Europe! Just make jealous…:(*

Budget philosophy is different every year, depend on focus of university. Most of the budget are for research and teaching, and library have a freedom to use the budget. Singapore government never cut budget for education. *That’s the key…! How about us, friends…?*

Staff not enough to be hard worker. Today, you have to be creative worker! *Absolutely agree!*

NTU librarian have work motivation, individual philosophy and team philosophy. *Do we have? Must copy this, friends…:)*

NTU librarians have 5 goals (after Raganathan’s 5 laws of library science):

– every staff an expert
– every staff a friend of users
– every service encounter adds value to users
– users have high demand & expectation of the library
– the library’s critical role in knowledge work id widely recognized & acknowledged.

And….the last but not the least… the salary! Oh, no! I don’t want to talk it in this note. I’ll tell you in your inbox… if needed…:)

Okay friends, that’s all I noted while my first week at NTU. Another story will come to you on the next week. So, don’t miss it! *penting banget, gitu…xixixixi*

Btw, sorry for very simple and incorrect grammar (if any). I made it expressly for you to easy to understand… *hahaha…ngeles.com..:)* The most important thing is…. you know lah what I mean…:))

NTU Singapore: Sunday, 10-10-2010 (21.59 p.m.)

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