Just wanna say ‘thank you…:)’

Hi librarians…:)

How are you? Time flies ya…hehehe. The PIPIL has finished last week, and all interns already back to campus. It was a great pleasure for me to gain experience to attend a four – week – attachment program called “Professional Internship Programme for International Librarian (PIPIL)” hosted by Nanyang Technological University Library, Singapore.

In this programme, I could gain various experiences through learning and working with NTU library staff in daily operations at various divisions as well as participating in their planning and management meeting. Moreover, the programme also included library visiting which allowed me to visit other libraries in Singapore and that gave me a chance to view local library environment. I got a chance to visit Republic Polytechnic Singapore, NUS Library, Singapore Press Holding Library and National Library Board of Singapore. I learned more about library management and services in Singapore including people and students’ education and learning behavior.

During this programme, I truly gained many new experiences by working with NTU Library staff at different divisions. I learned about library organization, staffing and strategy and general information and services of NTU Library.

On the fourth week, NTU Library held the activity called “E-Resource Fair” to promote their electronic resources to their students and staff. I attended the meeting to discuss on preparing, participating and evaluation of this activity.

For me (I think for all interns too…hihihi) the fourth week was so excited and scary, specially the presentation session….hahaha. Finally, I ended the programme at final reviewing with the University Librarian. I think this programme is very useful for professional librarians to learn and share experiences and I hope NTU Library will continue this programme in order to let other librarians especially in Asian region to have a good chance like me. I hope all AUNILO member will do the same programme like NTU’s PIPIL, because we need to meet often and discuss our progress in our country and make a collaboration.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Choy Fatt Cheong, University Librarian of Nanyang Technical University Library for hosting this programme and providing all facilities during my training period. I also thank to all NTU Library staff for sharing their work experiences and their warm welcome during my four weeks training course and I also express my sincere thank to Ms. Isabella Trahn, Deputy University Librarian NTU.

And… of course I would like to thank to all interns, i.e.: Anis Farhana (Brunei), Aini Yusof (USM, Malaysia), Azrizal bin Ismail (UM, Malaysia), Ausnee Pengtien (Mahidol University, Thailand), Nongnuch Kanjanarujee (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand), Hilario Serviano Banderas (Ateneo de Manila University), and Lu Ming (Wuhan University). Hope can joint with all of you in another programme, and I wanna see you all as an University Librarian….hehehe. Be professional, keep in touch, and stay happy…:)


Depok: 31-10-2010 (12:24 p.m)

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  1. Interesting experience about your learning, holidays and as a librarian in Singapura. I got the point of the short story of your visiting to Singapura. Thank you for good share on this posting to increase knowledge of reader. Great

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