Sometimes to be in control, you have to let go



Once technology was meant to bring the promise of “anytime, anywhere”

Not it brings you the curse of “everytime, everywhere” **

** Everytime, everywhere, you can be contacted to do your job


Zope Object DataBase

A collection of self-asked questions, with answers, after doing some research on the questions of course.

  1. Does ZODB handles cyclic reference?

    Yes it does

  2. How fast is ZODB compared with SQLite?

    As fast as SQLite, in terms of insert performance

  3. How to delete objects from the database?

    del root[object_name]

11Mar(Confusing) Python Package Variables

package A: a = 10

package B: import A A.a = 12

package C: from A import a def f(): print a

package D: import A import C import A


prints 10


Because in package B: A.a is referenced to another new object while in package C, global a still refers to the old object.

I think it’s better to think of python variable name as a pointer.


Kayanya cuma lua yang banyak statement bisa ditulis dalam satu baris yang sama

a = 10 b = 12 print(a*b)

08MarNegative Thinking Test

Fill an empty glass with water until it reach half of the glass. Now ask yourself, whether the glass is half full or half empty? If your answer is half empty, then you’re in negative thinking mode o_o


I Blog, You Blog, Weblog 😉

from http://www.allmyliesarewishes.com/new/new_comp_2007.jpg

02MarAt the End of the Day

Do you know what you want to have achieved at the end of the day?

I don’t, therefore I achieve nothing

01MarTask, date, and limit

  • A task without date will never get started
  • A task without limit will never get finished

29FebAlice in Wonderland

Alice, speaking to Cheshire Cat:
“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where,” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the cat.

Charles in Wonderland

Charles, speaking to the sitting Cat:
“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“Meaow…,”, said the Cat.
“Sorry?” said myself.
“Meaow…,” said the Cat.
“Aliceeeeeee………..,” said myself hopelessly.

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