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A Statement on Plagiarism

Source: Using someone else’s ideas or phrasing and representing those ideas or phrasing as our own, either on purpose or through carelessness, is a serious offense known as plagiarism. “Ideas or phrasing” includes written or spoken material, of course — from whole papers and paragraphs to sentences, and, indeed, phrases — but it also includes […]

Aster (part of my name)

Aster (genus) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other meanings of the term Aster see Aster Aster Many, see text. Aster (syn. Diplopappus Cass.) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. The genus once contained nearly 600 species in Eurasia and North America, but after morphologicand molecular research on the genus during the 1990s, it was decided that the North American species are better […]