Social Network is on the Go !

| October 8th, 2009

Hmmpf, it seems that this is what i’ve been looking for the last 5 years. My senior System Administrator, mas Maman Sutarman once said that UI no longer needs rapid Infrastructure Enhancement, but the content it self will be the basic requirement for delivering perfect service for University’s social activity. Other influenced word comes from Luki Wijayanti (head of University Library), she said that the next best thing for this University is to have an efficient & smart method of education by combining the holistic aspect of education, technology and social interaction which she said as Social Computing.

Yup, that’s it. Komunitas @ UI would be the answer to my long suffering in mind pain. Based on Free/Open Source Software for Social Network, i’m using ELGG ( to straightforward deploying the application for this university. Having friends in managing the Komunitas @ UI will have my best gratitude & blessing 🙂 ups, what i’ve just said ?

Ok, long live the Free Developers, may the sourceforge be with you !

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  1. Jan Peter Says:

    It’s a *free* software… xD

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