Seminar/Pelatihan/Workshop Internasional 

1.  1st Join Seminar “Current Research in Natural and Mathematical Sciences: Collaboration Opportunities at UI and UKM”, Poster, FMIPA UI, Depok, 19 – 20 Juni 2007

2. The 29th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Poster, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 10-14 November 2008,

3. Training of The Trainer for Free/Open Source Software Geographic Information Systems (FOSS GIS), Peserta, Gedung II BPP Teknologi, Jakarta, 24 – 28 November 2008

4.  ASEA Uninet Tarin the Trainer Workshop, Peserta, Geografi FMIPA UI, Depok, 21 – 25 Agustus 2008

5. K3 di Dalam Lingkungan Kampus, Peserta, FKM, 2008

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