Weekly Seminar

Weekly Seminar Department of Physics


Since 2012, Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Universitas Indonesia, regularly hosts seminars on a weekly basis. In the seminar, participants join faculty members and visitors as they present current research work.

  • Objective
    This seminar aims to promote scientific discussions between physicist across expertise as well as provide an overview of current research development of Indonesian physicists.
  • Time and place
    The seminars are organized every Wednesday during the academic years.
    Time : 13.00 – 15.00
    Place : Main Seminar Room, Department of Physics.
    *Special seminars are scheduled irregularly for visiting guest/collaborators.
  • Audience
    Audience includes faculty members, master and doctoral course students of department physics. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the seminar too.
  • Presenters
    Invited presenters are expected to give a presentation about their research works on physics or related areas. As the presentation is intended for students and faculty members of various physics specializations, it is recommended to give an overview of the current progress of the respective areas.


List of Presenters

Past Presenters

Spring 2019

Feb 6 Fatwa Ramdani (Faculty of Computer Science, Brawijaya University)
Feb 12 Special seminar by Hiroshi Kawamura & Wataru Horiuchi (Hokkaido University)
Feb 13 Julio (Physics Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Science)
Feb 20 Choirul Anam (Department of Physics, Diponegoro University)
Feb 27 Evvy Kartini (Science and Technology Center for Advanced Materials, National Nuclear Energy Agency)
Mar 6 Nur Ajrina Putri, Alka Budi Wahidin & Reyhan Dani Lambaga (Master students of Department of Physics)
Mar 13 Andy Octavian Latief (Department of Physics, Institute of Technology Bandung)
Mar 20 Nurul Taufiqu Rochman (Physics Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Science)
Mar 22 Special seminar by Ryota Nagasawa (Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University)
Mar 27 Koichi Kusakabe (Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University)
Apr 10 Cuk Imawan & Adhi Harmoko S. (Department of Physics, Universitas Indonesia)
Apr 11 Special seminar by Daniel Kartawiguna, Hidayat Agus Sabarudin & Nur Dwi Prasetyo (PT. Siemens Indonesia)
Apr 24 Supriyanto Ardjo Pawiro (Department of Physics, Universitas Indonesia)
May 8 Haryanto Mangaratua Siahaan (Department of Physics, Parahyangan Catholic University)
May 15 M. Aziz Majidi (Department of Physics, Universitas Indonesia)

Spring 2019

Sep 11 Ahmad R.T Nugraha (Physics Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Science)
Sep 18 Reinard Primulando (Faculty of Information Technology and Science, Catholic University of Parahyangan)
Sep 25 Muhammad Nur (Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University)
Oct 2 Riza G. Passiki (Wayang Windu Geothermal Field)
Oct 9 Edi SUprayoga (Physics Research Center, Indonesian Institute of Science)
Oct 16 Gede Bayu Suparta (Department of Physics, Gadjah Mada University)
Nov 6 Berlinson Dominikus Napitu (Department of Physics, Institute of Technology Bandung)
Nov 13 Ariando (Department of Physics, National University of Singapore)
Nov 20 Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf (Department of Medical Physics, University of Indonesia)
Nov 27 Munawar Khalil (Department of Chemistry, Universitas Indonesia)
Dec 4 Agus Purwanto (Department of Physics, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology)
Dec 11 Ferry Anggoro Ardy Nugroho (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, the Netherlands)

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